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The Keys are a SCUBA Shipwreck Playground

With over twenty shipwrecks dotting the Florida archipelago that is The Keys, it is a diver’s paradise. Off the coast of every Key from Key Largo to Key West, there are shipwrecks steeped in history with mysterious origins. Each wreck has a story to tell, regardless of the tale of their demise. In addition to… Read more »

Snorkeling off the Keys Second to None

The Florida Keys are known for the weather, beaches, blue skies and of course, the beautiful, sprawling ocean that surrounds them. Underneath the ocean surface however is an attraction all of its own, a coral reef. Visitors that want to see the underwater scenery and its lively inhabitants can grab a snorkel and enjoy. Snorkeling… Read more »

Location, Location, Location!

The Central Florida Keys are a perfect vacation destination for so many reasons. Awaiting you is some of the best fishing and yachting in the entire world. And if you’re a land lover, the Keys’ beaches are second to none. But one of the most convenient selling points as an ultimate vacation spot is its… Read more »