Kayak Fishing Your Answer to Therapeutic FL Keys Fishing

Kayaking the Keys The Keys are great for all water sports. Sure motor boating and jet skiing is great fun for buzzing around on the water in the warm Florida sun with friends and family. But for the vacationer trying to get more in touch with nature in a more peaceful capacity, there are many other options for taking in all the Keys has to offer.
Going on a fishing excursion in the Keys for most conjures images gas guzzling, 40’ charter vessels with plenty of noise, people and- let’s face it- drinking. But for the more impassioned fisherman, who wants to skip all the rudimentary customs and just get down to fishing, there are fishing kayaks.
For ultimate stability, and for those who may be beginners, there are sit-on-top kayaks, also known as fishing kayaks. They are preferred for fishing because of the added element of stability they offer, crucial for reeling in that 25lb bull dolphin or that 3.5 foot pompano. Sit-on-top kayaks have a flatter bottom and a wider hull than other options and are the best choice for your Gulf fishing excursion.
Some models are so stable the passenger(s) can even stand up on them, perfect for long casting and leveraging your weight in a tug-o-war. Aside from all the benefits to using stable kayaks for fishing, they are also great for appreciating the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys. There are hundreds of colorful fish species circling the reefs and shipwrecks throughout the entire region. Having the opportunity to stand up and observe the beauty of the most breathtaking coastal waters from a kayak is an experience to behold.
Fishing off in South Florida doesn’t have to mean loud engines and loud people. A fishing trip to the Keys can be whatever you make of it. Pick up your paddle, head out in the predawn light and observe and catch fish from the most diverse habitat in the western hemisphere.

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