Warm Sunny Weather Better for You All Around

sunshine and HealthThere is scientific evidence warm weather is better for your health. The cold weather is not as conducive as is warm weather to the human body. Though frigid temperatures are rarely lethal or traumatic to your health, your body is naturally more efficient and functioning in warmer temperatures.
With colder air comes less humidity. Tropical, warm air conversely is very humid. The air your lungs breath must be 100% humidity before your lungs can synthesize and process the intake. This moisture is regulated as the air you breathe passes through your trachea. The drier the air, the more moisture your air regulation processes release as you breathe in and out, and subsequently the more dehydrated you become. However, the warmer more humid climates allow your body to maintain a homeostasis without working nearly as hard.
Your body temperature is 98.5 degrees. When your body is in a climate with a temperature of 98.5 degrees, it has little regulation and work to do. However, when you are in colder temperatures, especially below freezing, your body has to compensate for the cold temperature. Your body response in freezing temperatures is to trigger a shivering reflex to maintain temperature and homeostasis. This is a means of thermogenesis and is stressful to your circulatory system.
Because your blood courses harder and faster through your veins and arteries, it cause much more wear than it would otherwise. Likening this reaction to having high blood pressure in small segments is pretty accurate, as high blood pressure leads to heart failure. Granted you do not sustain prolonged exposure to the stronger blood when exposed to cold temperatures, as you do with high blood pressure, but it is more strain on your body nevertheless. This is something to take in account for those with hurt problems in the first place.
But even chillier temperatures, such as 45-65 degrees, require your body to work harder than it would in warmer temperatures. This drains on your body’s energy levels to some degree and triggers fatigue. This is why the sub tropic conditions, such as those found in Florida, are ideal for your mind, your energy level and- ultimately- your health.

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