The Many Ways to Experience Florida Sealife

Florida Coral ReefTake a dive into the crystal clear blue waters of the Florida Keys to see a variety of sea life that will catch your interest. Schools of blue-striped grunt can be seen swimming in and out of the coral reefs that line the ocean floor. Yellowtail snapper, goatfish, Bermuda chubs and Atlantic spadefish can all be spotted swimming in groups. Even fish fish like barracuda swim throughout the Keys.

Closer to and deeper within the coral reefs, live angelfish and butterfly fish that breed in the warm current. Almost every kind of parrotfish can be found here living amongst triggerfish, flounder and puffer-fish. More rare sea creatures can also be found exploring the Florida Keys. Sightings of mola-mola and the blanket octopus have both been reported.

The Florida Keys are home to some predators too that lurk amongst the reef. Tiger sharks, nurse sharks and bull sharks are all common in these waters, but not often seen swimming out in the open among the divers and swimmers. Barracudas and eels however are the most frequent predators. But keep an eye open for eagle rays and turtles that every once and awhile make a special appearance in open water.

To really take in the sealife native to the Keys, SCUBA diving is your best option. You can dive into deep waters where more rare inhabitants live without having to repeatedly come up to breathe. For a less intense and more family friendly experience, but one still full of great fish sightings, you can snorkel along the surface. Even from the top of the water you’ll be able to easily see the coral reef and all its dwellers. You can also bring the entire family on a glass bottom boat tour.

Experiencing coastal Florida without taking in any of the spectacular sea life is doing yourself a grave injustice. No matter what way you choose to observe this great expanse, you will not be disappointed. And when it comes to seeing the sea life in this corner of the world, there’s a means suitable for everyone.

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