The Essentials to a Florida Keys Adventure

Florida AdventureThe Florida Keys are full of new and exciting things to do and see. If you’ve decided to visit, make sure that you don’t forget a few essentials, starting with sun protection. Also pack yourself a hat that covers your face and a large umbrella is you plan on spending a few days at the beach.

Spending the day in the sun at one of the Florida Key’s famous beaches is a great way to vacation, but sunburn can quickly rain on that parade. Sunscreen and additional protection from the suns hot and potentially dangerous rays are things you can’t forget to pack when you’re planning this trip. Speaking of the beach, you of course want to bring a bathing suit, or two.

A bathing suit, bikini or swim trunks are normal clothing for beachgoers and visitors alike. While you could purchase these in the Keys, you’ll pay triple what you would anywhere else. It’s easier and cheaper to just bring your swimming clothes from home. Bring more than one outfit if you have them in case your bathing suit is still wet when you want to take another venture out to the shore.

While you’ll probably be spending a lot of time sunbathing, during the evening hours you will surely be experiencing the nightlife that the Keys have to offer. From local restaurants and bars to family activities, there is plenty to do and even more photo opportunities – so don’t forget to bring your camera! The sunset’s alone are picture worthy not to mention the beautiful scenery, architecture and sights.

Last, and certainly not least, do not, no matter what you do, forget to bring your appetite! This might not be a tangible thing you can pack, but you’ll need an empty stomach for the cuisine in the Keys. From fresh seafood to delectable donuts, there is something for everyone. Cuban influences make for strong coffee and spicy foods while traditional southern cooking brings some of the best key lime pie you’ll ever have.

In closing, here’s the short list of things to remember when you plan on visiting the Florida Keys: sun protection, swimming gear, your camera and an open mind and empty stomach. With these things you’ll be able to make the most out of your visit and have the time of your life.

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