Sailing a Pastime for the Ages

sailing florida keys Sailing is among the most rewarding hobbies you could master. Once you flip off your motor and are under full sail, you feel a bond with Mother Nature unlike any other. Nothing but the sound of the lapping of the waves against your hull and the gentle whistle of the wind through your sails lets you decompress from all the pressures of life obligations.
Sailing is an excellent hobby having spanned the ages. The ultimate meditation, there is also all the peripheral activity going into owning a sailboat. Imagine just coasting into an isolated lagoon, dropping sail, throwing out your anchor and jumping in refreshing waters on a hot summer day. Or imagine being able to invite all your closest friends out for a day sail to celebrate a special occasion.
There is an experience you miss out on when you’re flying around in a speedboat. Boating should be relaxing and unregimented. But the noise, speed and culture surrounding motor boating is not conducive to a relaxing day on the water. For instance, there is no point in buzzing around on the water like you actually have someplace to be, if you really don’t have a place to be.
When sailing, you’re coasting along for the most part as fast as Mother Nature allows. And there are few better places to decompress than in the crystal clear waters surrounding South Florida and the Florida Keys. Not only are the Atlantic and Gulf Coast waters off the coast of Florida comfortably swimmable most of the year, area winds make for some of the best sailing in the United States.
Sailing these waters is a pleasure-seeker’s dream. Time seems to stop in the sunny Gulf waters, where you can really take in all the beauty of not only a picture perfect sail, but of an underwater world saturated with colorful tropical fish, reefs and shipwrecks thanks in great part to the transparent waters. And sailing puts a passion and heart into boating you really miss out on speeding around with a noisy motor.

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