Best Eating on (off) the Keys

Key West FishingThere are plenty of top picks when it comes to fishing off the Florida coast. But tastes are just like opinions; everyone has their own. So what’s good and what can be left all depend on who you ask. As far as categories of offshore eating goes, we can disputably conclude a few bests, most opinions aside.
Bottom Fish
This top honor goes to the red snapper. A regional seasonal delicacy, there are a variety of characteristics combined to make the red snapper top of the bottom, initially being this variety has the sweetest flavor. In addition to the taste, it is also the moistest of this option. And to top off this combination for the trifecta is the texture, which is not too hardy and not too light.
Offshore/Big Game Fish
You can’t argue with the world’s most renowned selection from the sea; the yellowfin tuna. Plentiful off the coast of Florida- mostly very off the coast in deeper waters- the yellowfin is famous for its lean, red-blooded heartiness and is an incredibly clean tasting meat. Void of aftertastes, the texture is also second to none, with a grain virtually undetectable.
Without question, the absolute best shellfish award goes to the spiny lobster. Abundant and delicious, the spiny lobster has a meaty, intensely flavored tail that is dense, firm and tender all at the same time. This is all over a backdrop of an organic, rustic brininess.

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