Adventure, Experience And… Money-Saving?

SailboatsFor adventurers looking for an alternative to the American dream, while banking tons of cash, there is always the option to buy and live on a sailboat. Living aboard a sailboat and exploring the world is not for every American, but is a lifestyle full of excitement, change and opportunity.

There is always something new to see and somewhere new to go when the only thing standing between you and a new experience is a sand anchor. In the Florida Keys the sea turtles and massive reef fish are truly something to behold. Setting sail or dropping anchor off the coast of Florida is never where dolphins breach inches from your boat.

When your home is under sail, few days visit could turn into a new home for a few months. Your boat is always a place for you to stay. Just make sure to check where you dock for mooring durations. Some countries and marinas are stricter than others and docking will also depend on the season. For example, Catalina Island off the coast of California offers docking only when available on a first-comer, first serve basis and a three-night minimum is required.

The lifestyle of living on a sailboat can allow you to come and go from cities as you please, while taking all your belongings with you. It is the ultimate travel experience that can be done on your terms. Stay where you like, stay longer in the places you love. So if you’re blowing all your money on rent, you may want to consider buying your own boat, as 25 foot sailboats can be found for less than three months’ rent in most parts of the country.

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