The Saga of the Conch Republic

Florida KeysThroughout the years, the Florida Keys have had ties to Latin America. And with the US government so focused on protecting its borders, especially in the latter 20th century, the Florida Keys bared the brunt of the repercussions from what many hailed as over protecting borders.
In 1982, some say the US Border Patrol went a little too far. Border patrol set up boundaries at the only access point connecting the Keys with the Florida mainland. Here they searched vehicles traveling from the Keys for everything from contraband, to illegal narcotics to illegal immigrants. Being the only access to the mainland, this caused serious traffic backups down US highway 1, as Border Patrol agents searched each and every car from top to bottom.
In response, the Key West City Council, representing the southernmost and furthest of the keys, lodged numerous complaints and sought an injunction to put an end to the searches. It made for a huge inconvenience to travelers to and from Key West, and a subsequent damper on the tourism industry. But these complaints went ignored and the searches continued.
In response to the incessant border patrol security, and the ignored pleas to put an end to the excessive search and seizure, citizens of the Keys moved to act. The council decided since the US Border Patrol is going to treat the Keys like a foreign country they may as well act like a foreign country. Key West Mayor Dennis Wardlow and the Council declared Key West’s independence on April 23, 1982 and its (symbolic) secession from the union. Wardlow was declared prime minister of the islands, which were collectively renamed The Conch Republic.
Though the movement was completely symbolic and no authentic litigation passed for secession from the Union, the issues surrounding the roadblocks generated a ton of publicity. The government had decided to put an end to the patrol and allowed visitors and citizens to the keys to freely travel to and from the mainland. With this huge victory for the Conch Republic, came a small victory; tourism returned to the islands as strong as ever.

Location, Location, Location!

Florida KeysThe Central Florida Keys are a perfect vacation destination for so many reasons. Awaiting you is some of the best fishing and yachting in the entire world. And if you’re a land lover, the Keys’ beaches are second to none. But one of the most convenient selling points as an ultimate vacation spot is its convenient location.

Centrally located in the heart of the Florida Key archipelago is Marathon Key. You could spend weeks here before you run out of fun things to do. Marathon Key is a hot spot for boat rental, snorkeling, beach-going, swimming, fishing, SCUBA, island hiking and so much more. Don’t forget to stop on Big Pine Key, just south of Marathon Key, to watch for Key Deer. They roam they island and distinct from the common Whitetail Deer in their much smaller size and distinctive markings.

And when you’re done with the fun in the sun, you can always pay a visit to any of the dozens of seaside bars and taverns on for some fresh seafood or American fare.
And if you’re in the mood to take in some historic culture, a quick trip south will land you in Key West, the most historic island in the United States. Settled by the Spanish in the 16th century, there are garrisons and missions dotting the island, along with the charm of original brick streets. There are also museums and cultural mainstays, respectively including the Earnest Hemingway House and The Southernmost Point in the United States.
And the things to do on Key West don’t stop there. When you’re done taking in the things this historic island steeped in culture has to offer, it’s time to let loose in some of the most vibrant nightlife south of the Mason-Dixon Line. With nearly 400 bars on this tiny island, there is a favorite watering hole for even the most discriminating of tastes. And before you call it a perfect Florida day, head over to Mallory Square to enjoy some public outdoor entertainment, hopping every night of the week.
Also within less than a two hour drive from the Central Keys right up US Highway 1 is the 8th largest metro area in the country. Miami offers the city slicker all the luxuries of the big cities from the north, including big league sports, major festivals and some of the richest cultural environment the South has to offer. Some top draws include the Calle Ocho Festival and Carnaval Miami. Not to mention all the new entertainment venues, theaters, museums, parks and performing arts centers.
A vacation to the Central Keys affords you not only some of the most relaxing island scenery and environment you could ever ask for, but also access to so much more. Located in the center of Florida’s cultural and commercial hub, the Central Keys are great for getting away from it all and taking it all in alike.

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