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The Essentials to a Florida Keys Adventure

The Florida Keys are full of new and exciting things to do and see. If you’ve decided to visit, make sure that you don’t forget a few essentials, starting with sun protection. Also pack yourself a hat that covers your face and a large umbrella is you plan on spending a few days at the… Read more »

Best Eating on (off) the Keys

There are plenty of top picks when it comes to fishing off the Florida coast. But tastes are just like opinions; everyone has their own. So what’s good and what can be left all depend on who you ask. As far as categories of offshore eating goes, we can disputably conclude a few bests, most… Read more »

The Keys; So Much More than Just Sun

If you mapped out a trip to the Florida Keys, you’ve most likely explored your options for sun, surf, accommodations and food. A few things to keep an eye out for on your trip will keep you privy to the local culture and style. Only a hop, skip and jump away from Cuba, if you’re… Read more »

What Kind of Keel to Pick…

When it comes to picking a sailboat there can be a lot of concerns regarding equipment appropriate to your use. What kinds of sails you pick you can determine if your going to use the boat for speed or day sailing. The number of sails determines the number of sheets you have and if a… Read more »

Must-Haves on a Seafaring Sailboat

If you’re a sailor starting off, and are in the market for a sailboat, shop carefully and thoroughly. The first thing you might not realize is there are certain sizes, features and lengths you need to consider for a seaworthy vessel. When you’re on the open seas with no coastline in site and your only… Read more »

Secret Spots on the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys have a lot of great places many don’t know about. With so many hidden gems and great spots, the Keys are any sun seeker’s dream destination, especially those wanting to avoid the crowds!   Bahia Honda State Park Near Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys, Bahia Honda State Park offers rustic… Read more »

Adventure, Experience And… Money-Saving?

For adventurers looking for an alternative to the American dream, while banking tons of cash, there is always the option to buy and live on a sailboat. Living aboard a sailboat and exploring the world is not for every American, but is a lifestyle full of excitement, change and opportunity. There is always something new… Read more »

The Many Ways to Experience Florida Sealife

Take a dive into the crystal clear blue waters of the Florida Keys to see a variety of sea life that will catch your interest. Schools of blue-striped grunt can be seen swimming in and out of the coral reefs that line the ocean floor. Yellowtail snapper, goatfish, Bermuda chubs and Atlantic spadefish can all… Read more »

Antidepressant Plentiful in Sunshine State

In the whole United States, the state of Florida has traditionally had the lowest reported rates of depression. Experts say it’s not the beaches or even the ocean, but rather the consistent, prevalent sunshine. In fact, medical studies show that sunshine can have positive results on people that suffer from depression, significantly lessening the effects…. Read more »

Remain Mindful of Mammals off Florida Coast

Sometimes having both humans and animals in close proximity can cause injuries and even deaths to our aquatic friends. There are ways to prevent injuring the manatees and dolphins that live in the same waters we boat, Jet Ski and swim. This usually takes nothing more than a little common sense and consideration. Disturbing manatees… Read more »